Thousands of cigarette butts on ground

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T he U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development(HUD) says smoking inside or near public housing will be prohibited starting July 31st. The federal rule will ban cigarettes, cigars, hookahs and pipes, but not electronic cigarettes.

Smokers won’t be able to light up in all living units, administrative offices and all outdoor areas within 25 feet of public housing and office buildings.

That’s going to be a big problem. A lot of people are going to be upset about that. Like really, really upset,” said Raymale Talbott.

Talbott is a smoker and lives in Arbor Park Village, which is federally subsidized housing, on the east side of Cleveland. He says a government smoking ban at all public housing is going too far.

“I just don’t understand it,” he said. “At least let me blaze up a cigarette outside.”

Anthony Hines agrees with Talbott. He’s a smoker too and says the ban is unfair.

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