Black Girls

via FirstLadyB:

Young black girls battling low self esteem, now have a new doll to help them embrace their beauty.

The new Super Beauty Pep Talker Doll was created by artist Tiffany J. The doll was designed to be a carry and go inspiration to girls all over the world. With 20 rotated phrases, the Pep Talker is sure to boost the self esteem of those listening.

The doll, loaded with 20 positive catchphrases and affirmations, strives to empower young girls who are mentally and emotionally affected by depression and or bullying.

The mission is personal for Tiffany, as she too suffered from depression in her childhood.

As a child, I was super shy, intimidated, and a lonesome personality. I suffered badly with depression and had thoughts of suicide multiple times as early as 12 years old. My silence was mistakenly recognized as being quiet when in actuality it was a loud internal cry. It took me 30 years to truly understand the greatness within me, but it should NEVER take another girl nearly that long

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