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EEWMagazine-Teresa Mack:

Looking for something encouraging and thought-provoking to read on Instagram? Here are some great choices for you.

These days, there is lots of negative noise and distractions on social media. It can be tough to wade through the gossip, dram and hostility, and get to the good stuff.

Well, Empowering Everyday Women is taking some of the guesswork out of what to read and online—at least Instagram—by highlighting five posts you need to read.

Our editors have each submitted their picks (our Founder, Dianna Hobbs, who just joined Instagram made the list, too) based on what inspires, uplifts and makes them think.

Check out these five encouraging Instagram posts below and if you aren’t already following these Christian leaders, you might want to consider doing so. After all, we can all use a bit more biblically-sound encouragement in our social media fees.

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