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Car trouble didn’t stop Walter Carr from getting to his first day of work with a moving company Sunday, even if he did have to walk nearly 20 miles in the dark.

No longer: Carr was rewarded with his boss’ car after making a lasting impression on his first clients. After his 2003 Nissan Altima broke down Saturday and “backup rides fell through,” Carr set out from Homewood, Ala., at midnight en route to a home in Pelham, expecting the walk to take seven hours, homeowner Jenny Lamey writes on a GoFundMe page.

He’d traveled 14 miles before police picked him up around 4am, per WIAT. They bought Carr breakfast and a take-out lunch, then dropped him at Lamey’s home around 6:30am, per

As the rest of the Bellhops moving crew had yet to arrive, Lamey suggested Carr take a nap. According to a viral Facebook post, he got to work instead.

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