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While Will McMillan may not (yet) be a household name, his creativity and musical genius are more familiar than one might know. McMillan, Minister of Music at i5 City Church in Baltimore, Maryland, has collaborated with such Gospel music luminaries as Tasha Cobbs, Jason Nelson, Jonathan Nelson and William McDowell. McDowell, along with Travis Greene, has also entrusted McMillan with music director duties along the way. A self-taught artist and musician, McMillan’s creative sensibilities bridge tradition with a contemporary and fresh approach that appeals to Gospel music fans of all ages. 

McMillan’s debut album, My Story, is available from eOne Nashville. The lead single, “Best Thing,” is a remake of the James Cleveland classic, “Jesus is the Best Thing.” The elegantly sparse production make McMillan’s pure, vibrant voice – and the song’s heartfelt message – the focal point of this gorgeous rendition. 

Other highlights on My Story include “Hanging”, a lush love letter to Jesus; the folksy “See You,” featuring Will’s sister, Julia McMillan, and the soft rock tinged “Scream it Loud.”

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