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Warning: This article contains explicit content.

Emojis have become extremely popular, especially among teenagers. Some emojis that may seem extremely innocent have surprising meanings. Fruits and other foods can represent private parts and water can mean sexual acts. Confused? Have no fear! We have decoded the most popular explicit emojis below.

Fire: 🔥

This symbol is often used to let someone know they are “hot,” or attractive.

Smirk Face: 😏

This is used to flirt.

Eggplant: 🍆 

This symbol is used to represent male genitalia much more often than it is used to mean the actual vegetable. The banana can be used in the same way.

Peach: 🍑

The peach doesn’t represent the fruit or even the state of Georgia. This often represents a person’s bottom.

Pointing finger &’OK’: 👉👌

When these are used together it represents sexual intercourse.

Tongue: 👅

The tongue can be used to signal oral sex. But only in certain contexts, it is also used to innocently stick out your tongue at someone.

Water Drops:💦

These used alone can represent orgasm or sexual arousal.

Water Drops & Closed Fist:✊💦

When used together these mean masturbation.

Eyeballs: 👀

Can be used to ask for a ‘sexy’ photo.

Cherries: 🍒

These have nothing to do with fruit 90% of the time. They are used to represent breasts.

Taco: 🌮

Even if it is Tuesday, this probably isn’t an invitation to #TacoTuesday. This is used to represent female genitalia.

These are the most common emoji translations. Happy snooping parents! And I bet you’ll be careful before sending your next text!

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