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via Cleveland19:

An armed robbery that unfolded like a Hollywood movie on Cleveland’s West Side has come to a heartwarming conclusion.

A couple of teens knocked on a west side neighborhood door with a gun and barged in.

The victim, who is a musician with the Cleveland Orchestra, said the robbers hit his fiance in the head with a gun as they ransacked the house.

The musician ran up to the roof and jumped to the next rooftop to get away.

The robbers got car keys and took off with his prized possession, his violin.

The violin and bows ended up on Cleveland’s East Side.

The owner explained he knew right away just how valuable they were.

“Three gentlemen came in and wanted to sell me their grandfather’s violin. I took one look at it and knew it wasn’t their grandfather’s violin. It was a very valuable violin with very valuable bows,” said Music Emporium owner, Rick Eble.

Eble explained the teens demanded $100 for the instrument and bows, but took $30 and left.

‘“I called police and said, ‘I have a stolen violin. I want you to get it back to the right people,” Eble said.

Eble was excited he played a role in safely returning the nearly $40,000 violin and bows with its owner.

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