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Half Mile Home‘s “I Won’t Judge” creates greater awareness of the chronic skin condition and generates funds for the Vitiligo Research Foundation.

About Half Mile Home and “I Won’t Judge”: On an inspiring roll in the wake of three consecutive Top 15 Billboard Hot Gospel Songs. The Akron, OH based R&B/Hip Hop Trio Half Mile Home blends funk, soul and “woke-ness” on their dynamic upcoming single “I Won’t Judge” – a portion of whose proceeds will be earmarked for the Vitiligo Research Foundation ( ), a non-profit organization dedicated to finding and instigating research for the chronic skin condition across the world.

Collaborating with their longtime songwriting partner & newest group member “Ready Writa” help write the track – that’s set to drop in June 2018 – to create greater awareness of an often misunderstood and mischaracterized disorder in which patches of skin lose their pigment.

Michael Jackson may have been the most prominent person to ever suffer from vitiligo, yet his suffering from it in part created the misconception that it was a uniquely African American affliction. It’s estimated that globally, about 1% of the population is affected by it, with some populations having rates of 2-3% – and males and females of all races are impacted.


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