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via BlackAmericaWeb:

Twenty-one years after the unsolved murder of Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace  we’re no closer to finding out who killed him (or Tupac). A movie about LAPD officer Russell Poole’s attempt to find out the truth first changed titles and now it appears its been shelved. Whether indefinitely or not remains to be seen.

Johnny Depp, who was to star as Poole, has had his fair share of issues lately which may be a factor. Depp’s financial misadventures were detailed in a suit his business managers filed against him, which was recently settled.  Forest Whitaker and Snowfall’s Amin Joseph, along with Soul Food actor Rockmund Dunbar were also in the movie. reports:

The actor’s true-crime drama City of Lies, in which he stars as LAPD detective Russell Poole haunted by the rapper’s unsolved murder, has been pulled from its scheduled release date of September 7 by Global Road Entertainment.

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