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via BlackDoctor:

Millie Bailey has seen many milestones in her life. She’s seen wars start, wars end, presidents come and go, but one milestone she’s had is her favorite: she just turned 100 this year.

Bailey, who grew up in the Deep South, joined the Army during World War II and ended up the Commander of a women’s unit.

Currently living in Columbia, Howard county, Bailey said in a recent interview: “I haven’t had a paying job since 1975, but my young friends say I shouldn’t say I’m retired, just say I work without pay.

According to Fox News she has volunteered in different capacities during the past few decades. She has worked with children in Howard County Schools. Bailey has also packed care packages for soldiers overseas. She has been on advisory boards from police to education. Recounting the impact segregation and discrimination had on her life, Mailey said she hoped the next generations are better human beings.

Also, thanks to the Community Foundation of Howard County, they named a fund the Millie Bailey Fund, established by Mary and Earl Armiger in honor of Bailey. The fund is a permanent fund whose proceeds will directly benefit Running Brook, a Title I school with a large population of minority and low income students.

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