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via BlackDoctor:

Posting to get paid

Does your favorite fitness influencers post on social media to raise awareness of community health issues like diabetes, sedentary lifestyles, and bad eating habits? Or are they looking for a quick sponsorship check?

Oftentimes aesthetically-pleasing influencers post videos and pictures to draw attention towards their brand, looking for likes, promotions, and additional clients. As a fan of fitness movements, the questions you must ask yourself are: does their content motivate me and can I relate to it?

If the answers remain no, then you must unfollow your favorite “fitness” icons. If they’re not adding value to you, then they’re on the same level as an IG model looking for bookings.

Are they really using the products they’re pushing?

Flat tummy teas, waist trainers, and fat burning creams have so scientific proof to back the results they guarantee. Leaving us to wonder if the aesthetics we see on our timeline are authentic.

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