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Donald Trump’s Omarosa obsession is telling:

On Monday, President Donald Trump sent seven — yes, seven! — tweets attacking his former aide Omarosa Manigault Newman over claims she made in her tell-all memoir that was formally released today.

He followed that tweet-rant with this shot at Omarosa on Tuesday morning: “When you give a crazed, crying lowlife a break, and give her a job at the White House, I guess it just didn’t work out. Good work by General Kelly for quickly firing that dog!”

Eight tweets in 24 hours — all about Omarosa. Eight tweets in which Trump refers to Omarosa, an African-American woman and former White House employee, as, among other things, a “dog,” “wacky,” “deranged,” a “crazed, crying lowlife,” “vicious” and “not smart.”

Family, fans rally around Aretha Franklin:

Aretha Franklin is surrounded by those closest to her as the legendary singer receives hospice care.

A source close to Franklin tells CNN’s Don Lemon the 76-year-old “Queen of Soul” is being visited by people close to her who are reading messages from friends and loved ones, holding her hand.
Stevie Wonder and her ex-husband Glynn Turman paid the singer a visit, Franklin’s publicist Gwendolyn Quinn told CNN. Rev. Jesse Jackson will visit her on Wednesday, Quinn said.
Social media has also been flooded with tributes to Franklin.

Sarah Sanders apologizes for false claim about African-American jobs:

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders issued a rare correction Tuesday night after falsely declaring that President Donald Trump has created three times as many jobs for African-American workers as former President Barack Obama did during his two terms in office.

“Correction from today’s briefing: Jobs numbers for Pres Trump and Pres Obama were correct, but the time frame for Pres Obama wasn’t. I’m sorry for the mistake, but no apologies for the 700,000 jobs for African Americans created under President Trump,” Sanders wrote in a tweet.
During the briefing, as she sought to defend the President’s record on race, Sanders said Trump has already tripled Obama’s record over eight years for creating jobs for black workers.

Nearly $500K disappeared from school cafeterias. Officials say the lunch ladies did it:

For four years, nearly half-a-million dollars quietly vanished from cafeteria registers at two schools in Connecticut.

No one noticed the money was missing from the schools in New Canaan until 2017, when the school district installed an enhanced accounting system, authorities said.
Now two sisters are accused of allegedly pocketing $478,000 in cash from New Canaan Public Schools — a scam that authorities say dates to 2013, CNN affiliate News 12 reported.
Joanne Pascarelli, 61, and Marie Wilson, 67, both worked at cafeterias at Saxe Middle School and New Canaan High School during that time. They were arrested this week and charged with larceny and defrauding a public community, the school district said.

Historic face transplant gives suicide survivor a ‘second chance’:

As Katie Stubblefield brushed her fingers across her face, she could feel the wound.

Her vision is greatly impaired due to her injury, but touching her face allowed her to feel what her doctors were working around the clock to treat. She could feel where her face was swollen. She could feel the portions that were missing.
That was before Katie, at 21, became the youngest person in the United States to receive a face transplant. The transplant, performed last year, aims to restore Katie’s face structure and functions — such as chewing, breathing and swallowing — which were lost in a severe gunshot injury, the haunting outcome of a suicide attempt as a teenager.

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