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Cleveland 19 is getting answers about a local band director who’s accused of bribing students to perform sex acts.

Keeton was taken into police custody on Aug. 9 after a second student came forward.

Parents said they didn’t know there was a sexual battery complaint made against Keeton in May, and they wanted to know why he was still working with students after that initial report.

Three months ago the human resources director for the school district made a report about Keeton to police, saying he was “spending more time than normal with a student.”

Keeton stayed on the job, despite a police investigation.

“I think until the investigation is over, he should not be allowed around those kids at all,” said parent Antonette Gardner.

The district superintendent said in a statement that band director Keeton was allowed to continue working with kids even after the complaint in May because he says there was “no tangible evidence of wrongdoing. The district subsequently received information from the student’s parent, which contradicted the initial report.”

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