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Pastor John Gray and his wife, Aventer Gray came by “Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell” to discuss his meeting with Donald Trump. About two weeks ago Gray and several other pastors received backlash for meeting with Trump and he wanted to explain to everyone what took place candidly. Gray mentioned that he got a call from a pastor he used to work with and the White House wanted to meet with them about prison reform and bringing offenders into the workforce.

Gray believes that the church has a platform and opportunity not only to reach people in prison, but also the White House claimed they would discuss lowering minimum sentencing. He saw it as a great opportunity to discuss it after they even said they would pull the felony conviction off of some prisoners. Doing that would allow them to vote and possibly help especially since voting is so important.

Gray went, but told them he didn’t want any cameras of video footage taken. Unfortunately, when he arrived that was a different story. They even placed his seat right next to Trump and through social media it looked like he was showing love to him. On top of that the things that were supposed to be discussed weren’t.

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