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Chrisette Michele announced that she is working on her very first Gospel album ya’ll.

The ‘A Couple Of Forevers’ singer shared the news in a blog post, even sharing that she started speaking in tongues at the age of 9!

God is moving. It’s blowing my mind. Growing up in the church, you learn that God is great. But as you get older He proves it.

She continued,

I was saved and speaking in tongues at 9. I was an interesting kid. Sweet but sneaky. I didn’t mind a fist fight and I was pretty good at gossip. Sure I was nine, but those were the things that were going to hinder me. I don’t care how old you are, Jesus Saves!

I want to record a Gospel album. That’s crazy to me. I’ve always been so opposed to creating things specifically for those who are trying to live a life after Christ. I’ve always said, “Let me create for the ones who don’t know Him. Let me be an example of a ‘real’ human being who honors Him in my actions.” You know what happened? I fell flat on my face in front of the whole world.

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