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Many people across the nation will be wearing a bow tie on August 28th in honor of the annually celebrated National Bow Tie Day.

The Croation mercenaries during the Prussian wars of the 17th century were the originators of the bow tie.  This bow tie consisted of a scarf around the neck to hold together the opening of their shirts.  Using the name cravat (which derived from the French for “Croat”), the upper classes in France soon adopted this idea.

Styles range to suit attire and occasion.  They cross eras and generations.  Some recognizable names from history and fiction have worn bow ties and have worn them well.  Winston Churchill, James Bond, Groucho Marx, Orville Redenbacher, Jerry Lewis, Bill Nye, Indiana Jones, Donald Duck and Les Nessman are just a few.  The bow tie continues to carry fashion power, today.


Learn to tie a bow tie. Find your style. Then wear it fearlessly! Use #NationalBowTieDay to share on social media.

Are you an educator or do you just like to learn? Join us in the National Day Calendar Classroom for a National Bow Tie Day lesson, video, puzzles and more!


National Bow Tie Day has been observed since at least 2007, but National Day Calendar was unable to identify the founder of the day.

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