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via FirstLadyB:

Reverend Al Sharpton may spend his time now fighting for injustice in the Black community, but before that he was a preacher.  And he reminded us of that during Aretha Franklin’s funeral.


Rev. Al heard that organ tuning up and it was over.  He shared a story about his mother telling him to meet her at the “exchange counter” in heaven, as she was going through her transition from this side to the other side.

“She said meet me at the exchange counter.  I said exchange counter? She said right after you get through the golden gates, there’s an exchange counter.  That’s where you hand in your cross, to pick up your crown, Rev. Al explained. We watched Aretha bear her cross down here. She had to sing with a broken heart. She had to work when she didn’t get paid. She was a Black woman in a white man’s world.”

As the congregation stood to their feet, Rev. Al proclaimed, now it’s time to crown the Queen!  I’ll see you at the exchange counter, where you can now hand in your cross.”

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