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In January of 2017, his daughter, Alianna DeFreeze was kidnapped and killed on her way to school.

In March of 2018, Christopher Whittaker was sentenced to death for her kidnapping, rape and murder.

But for Alianna’s father Damon – justice happens every day — as he tries to keep this kind of crime from happening to another child.

“You can’t sit back and whine and not do something about it,” DeFreeze says. “You have to be willing to get on the front lines.”

He and Alianna’s mother have begun The Alianna DeFreeze Let’s Make a Change Foundation.

The idea is to educate children on stranger danger – but beyond that they want a network of safe transportation vehicles to make sure kids get to and from school safely.

“As a parent, we want to take some pressure off you,” he says. “Knowing your child is going to be picked up and dropped off safely, and they’ll have great things to say when they come home.”

They are in the very early stages. They are a recognized 401C3 charity – where donations are tax deductible, but they still need the start-up capital to buy a fleet of vehicles.

Every time he hears of another attempted abduction it reinforces the need to make this happen sooner than later.

“These monsters don’t look at them as someone’s child, daughter, niece, nephew or grandchild. They don’t even look at them as being human.

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