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FAIRPORT HARBOR, Ohio — A man who mowed obscenities into a high school lawnback in June will  carry out his sentence today: mowing the same grass with a manual mower.

Cody T. Scott, 19, of Fairport Harbor, and a group of friends went to Fairport Harding High School, took a lawnmower and mowed obscenities into the school’s lawn in June.

Scott faced up to 90 days in jail. But Judge Michael Cicconetti, known for his ‘creative sentencings,’ gave him the choice between serving 10 days in jail or mowing the practice lawn at the high school. Scott chose to mow the lawn.



Article Courtesy of WJW Fox 8 News Cleveland

First Picture Courtesy of Dinendra Haria and WENN

Second Picture Courtesy of Michael Phillips and Getty Images

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