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Why female shooters are rare:

Data shows that women are rarely behind active shootings, making Thursday’s massacre at a drugstore distribution center unusual.

Authorities say a 26-year-old woman shot three people and wounded three more before fatally shooting herself in the Aberdeen, Maryland, facility. Snochia Moseley of Baltimore County was a temporary employee at the Rite Aid support facility who had showed up for work Thursday as scheduled, officials said.
The investigation continues and police are still searching for a motive, but a source close to the investigation said the woman was a disgruntled employee.

Trump questions why Kavanaugh accuser didn’t call the FBI after alleged assault:

President Donald Trump deviated from his previously measured comments about the woman who has accused his Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault when he questioned Thursday why the woman didn’t call the police 36 years ago, when she says the incident happened.

“Why didn’t somebody call the FBI 36 years ago? I mean you could also say when did this all happen, what’s going on? To take a man like this and besmirch — now with that being said, let her have her say and let’s see how it all works out,” Trump said during an interview on Fox News just before his rally in Las Vegas.

San Juan mayor: Hurricane Maria is Trump’s Katrina:

The Democratic mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, slammed President Donald Trump on Thursday, telling Anderson Cooper that the White House’s response to Hurricane Maria will go down in history as Trump’s own Hurricane Katrina, a storm that many say marred George W. Bush’s presidency.

“This is historic. It’s a historic failing,” said Carmen Yulin Cruz, speaking on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper Full Circle.” “This is President Trump’s Katrina.”
“For a year he has tried to spin it,” she added. “But the truth speaks louder than he ever will. He can spin it all he wants. Three thousand people died on his watch.

Demi Lovato’s mom, Dianna De La Garza, breaks her silence about her famous daughter’s overdose:

Demi Lovato’s mother, Dianna De La Garza, says she didn’t even know at first that her daughter had suffered an overdose.

“All of these texts started coming in,” De La Garza said in an interview Tuesday with Newsmax. “The first lines of these texts were saying, ‘I just heard the news, I’m so sorry, I’m praying for your family, I’m praying for Demi.’ I was in shock, like, what is going on?”
She said her heart dropped, and before she had a chance to check out reports, Lovato’s assistant called with the news.

Man charged in killing of DC woman in ‘unprovoked’ attack:

A 23-year-old man has been charged with murder in the stabbing death of a Washington woman who was jogging Tuesday evening, according to DC police.

Wendy Martinez, who was recently engaged, was stabbed to death in what looked to be an “unprovoked attack,” Metropolitan Police Chief Peter Newsham said in a news conference Thursday morning.
Newsham said Martinez, 35, was known as an “avid runner” and was jogging Tuesday night when she was stabbed at the intersection of 11th and P Streets, just before 8 p.m. She managed to enter a carryout restaurant nearby, where community members, including a nurse, Newsham said, attempted to tend to her wounds.

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