MegaFest 2013 - Day 1

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On Sept. 6, Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger entered what she says she thought was her apartment, saw Botham Jean, who she says she thought was an intruder, and shot and killed him. Guyger had instead entered Jean’s apartment.

News of the shooting has prompted protests against what many consider an instance of police violence against a minority. Some protesters have also questioned whether the police are being transparent enough with the public about the case. It’s unclear how Guyger got into the apartment, and the accounts differ between the Dallas Police Department and Texas Rangers records.

The following letter was signed by a diverse group of Christian faith leaders in North Texas.

As leaders of Jesus’ church, we are committed to speaking the truth in love, doing justice, loving kindness and walking humbly before our Lord. We speak as clergy of one blood, one faith, with one father seeking the welfare of our city as servants of Christ in the city of Dallas.

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