Miss USA, Chelsi Smith (L) is crowned by outgoing


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Former Miss Universe Chelsi Smith lost her year-long battle with liver cancer and passed away this month. She was 45.

The Texas native was best known for capturing the title of Miss Texas in 1995 and going on to win Miss USA and Miss Universe just months later. In doing so, Smith became the first and only woman from Texas to win both pageants, as well as the first American woman in 15 years to claim the Miss Universe title.

“Chelsi was our loving daughter, niece, and friend. We will miss her infectious laughter, joie de vivre, and free spirit. She left an indelible mark on all those who knew he

Chelsi was just as kind as she was beautiful. When asked how she, as an advisor, would change the First Lady’s image if asked for a consultation, Smith replied: “I would tell her not to change her image, actually. I believe very strongly in who I am, and I’ve seen 50 ladies tonight who believe very strongly in who they are, and I really think that she wouldn’t have made it as far as she has if she wouldn’t have been herself, so I really truly think she should stay exactly the way she is.” She became the seventh woman from her state to hold the Miss USA title and also won the Miss Congeniality award as she had at her state pageant, becoming the only Miss USA winner and Miss Texas USA in history to win this award.

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