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Bill Cosby sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison for sexual assault:

Bill Cosby, once known as “America’s Dad,” was sentenced Tuesday to three to 10 years in a state prison for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand at his home 14 years ago.

Cosby’s bail was revoked and he was escorted from the courthouse in handcuffs.
“This was a serious crime,” Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Judge Steven O’Neill said. “Mr. Cosby, this has all circled back to you. The day has come, the time has come.”

Cosby, convicted in April of aggravated indecent assault, declined to speak to the court prior to the sentence. His attorneys have filed an appeal.
9th Annual Dressed To Kilt Benefit - Arrivals

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Donald Trump’s worldview was laid bare at the UN — and it should worry anyone who understands history:

US President Donald Trump came late to the podium at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday morning. And within moments, he had the gathered world leaders laughing.

By the time he finished, it was a far more somber mood in the hallowed chamber, in which Trump himself said “so much history has transpired.”
But on this day, he was making a history of his own.
The levity he sparked so soon into his address came, perhaps, because he was doing exactly what his audience had come to expect — plenty of ego; little humility: “I stand before the United Nations General Assembly to share the extraordinary progress we’ve made. In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country

Girl can attend school with her cannabis-based medicine, California court rules:

It took a fight in court, but a 5-year-old girl will be allowed to bring her cannabis-based medicine to school and attend class with other students, according to a ruling by a California administrative court on Friday.

Brooke Adams, a Santa Rosa, California, kindergartner, has Dravet Syndrome. It’s a severe and rare form of epilepsy that comes with life-threatening seizures that are unpredictable, frequent and can cause serious damage if not treated quickly. What can help control the seizures, if she gets the medicine fast enough, is cannabis oil. She uses CBD oil as a preventative medication and THC oil as an emergency seizure medication.
Los Angeles Lakers Media Day

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How Does LeBron Shape the Lakers’ Youth and ‘MUD’ into a Contender?

Normalcy has returned to the Lakers: The team opened media day Monday before the 2018-19 season with the biggest star in the game leading off the interviews.

“What, if anything, at this stage of your career creates pressure for you?” The Athletic’s Andy Kamenetzky asked.

“Nothing,” LeBron James answered, repeating with a smile and a laugh, “Nothing.”

The Lakers have always been about superstars. It’s been over five years since Kobe Bryant tore his Achilles tendon, hastening his decline and ultimate retirement in 2016.

Biden calls Trump’s response to McCain’s death ‘almost un-American’:

Former Vice President Joe Biden at an event Tuesday labeled President Donald Trump’s response to Sen. John McCain’s death as “almost un-American.”

“I think you’re going to see a significant change in the politics of the country, and I think lot of it had to do with the way in which the administration has treated people,” Biden said at the University of Pennsylvania. “I think the nail that maybe have put in the coffin this time was the way in which the administration responded to John McCain’s death, and the way it came across as being so nakedly … almost un-American. It was just raw. It wasn’t — it’s not who we are.”
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