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Three boys (8-9) standing with backpacks outdoors near school bus, rear view

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via Wkyc:

Increased calls for safety came after a bus crash in Chattanooga, Tennessee killed 6 school children and seriously injured 23 others. Accidents like this are rare and buses remain the safest vehicles on the road. But in worse-case scenarios, they can also be the most deadly.

“It was enough to make me realize that this was a real waste of human life.”

Images of the Chattanooga crash fueled Rudy Breglia, a grandfather of 4, to call for change.

“Innocent children dying just because they didn’t have access to seatbelts,” Breglia stressed.

Federal guidelines don’t require seatbelts on school buses. Instead they rely on compartmentalization to keep kids safe. But opponents often cite data and video that show buses fail to protect children in side crashes and rollovers like the one in Chattanooga

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