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October 10th will be a special day as 200,000 students, coaches, parents and other community members gather to spread the love of Jesus Christ. This is all apart of the 15th annual Fields of Faith outreach. CBN News reports that the event is sponsored by, Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

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The focus is to encourage students to challenge their friends as well as family members to not only read the Bible, but commit their lives to Christ. Jeff Martin apart of FCA said, “If you just give students the mic, and that’s what we started doing – give them the mic, instead of being spectators at religious events and Christian events – they thought it wouldn’t work and what we saw was the opposite. That God uses the untrained ordinary and that these students listen to each other and the impact is not only that these students with their faith, they’re leading, but it’s reaching their peers because it’s something unique because you’re hearing from their own peers that are reading the scripture.”

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This event is very special to attendees and many believe give some to experience God in a way they never will be able to. One of the past attendees Micah said, “Fields of Faith was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever been to. So many people were all able to worship God, at our school, in front of everyone. This is a wonderful event that all states and schools should try to start.” Over 198,000 people attended last year and was held on 521 different fields across the country. If you want to attend please visit!

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