Republican National Convention: Day One

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via Wkyc:

For the 13th time in his career, Mayor Frank Jackson delivered his annual ‘State of the City Address’, as he took the podium Wednesday evening inside Cleveland’s Public Hall.

Jackson’s message at the outset: “Cleveland is a successful city. But Cleveland is not a great city.”

The key to greatness in the mayor’s mind is narrowing the disparity between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ in the city.

Jackson boasted that more police are set to hit city streets, telling the audience that 87 cadets in two academies are currently being trained, with 80 more recruits being processed.

What the mayor didn’t say, is that about 70 officers are set to retire in the next year, according to The Investigator, Tom Meyer. So the net gain is reduced.

This all comes as the number of murders so far in 2018 is on pace to make this the deadliest year in the city of Cleveland in decades.

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