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You can start callingBriana Babineaux  “Mrs. Fontenot” now. The gospel singer and worship leader got married in September to her bestie, Keeslon. 

Briana shared the news on Instagram after keeping her relationship off social media and the introduction into her new married life was beautiful to see (photos below!). Following a garden-theme bridal shower weeks prior, she stood in a flowery top wedding dress with flowers in her hand and her new husband on her arm. 

In another post, she compared their love to the Song of Solomon 3:4 – “I’ve found the one whom my soul loves.” 

Let Bri tell it, she’s a brand new woman!

“In life we often want certain things that God may not have wanted for us. It’s something how much God loves us and even though he may allow us to feel hurt, the experience is necessary for growth and sometimes we need to be redirected. At a time that seemed so devastating in my life the whole time there was another plan unknown to me,” she wrote on Instagram when she got engaged. “As that plan evolved I knew this time in order to ensure the fullness of what would be, I decided to keep my relationship off social media. I’ve learned that a private life is a happy life. When you build in silence people don’t know what to attack. I gave my relationship a stress free environment to learn, make mistakes, and evolve without feeling weighed down by the need to uphold a false image created by social media. My relationship needed to satisfy only three people: God, myself and my fiancé.” 

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