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Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam was impatient for years when it came to his head coaches. When he needed to be impatient with Hue Jackson, he gave him more time.

That time ran out, as the Browns decided to fire Jackson during his third season as coach. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported the firing on Monday morning.

The decision to stick with Jackson, first through a 1-15 season and then through a 0-16 season, might cost the Browns a chance to be in the playoff race. They blew many winnable games already this season, including one two weeks ago in overtime to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They fell to 2-5-1 with a loss on Sunday to the Steelers and while it sounds strange to say it about the Browns, they’re far better than their record. Coaching hasn’t helped, especially in those close games.

The Browns finally gave up on Jackson, probably a year or so too late. He had a ghastly 3-36-1 record as Browns coach.

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