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Girl Scout Founder’s Day is observed each year on October 31. This is a day to appreciate not only the founder of Girl Scouts but all the great things Scouting has done for girls since its inception.

Girl Scout Founder’s Day is a special day for all girls. It is a time to think about who we would like to be, let our imaginations run wild and turn those dreams into a reality. We can genuinely transform ourselves into something different—something bigger, bolder and more daring than we ever thought possible.


Share your Girl Scouting memories and use #GirlScoutFoundersDay to post on social media.


Juliette Gordon Low, also known as Daisy, who was born on October 31, 1860, was the founder of Girl Scouts of the USA, along with the help of Sir Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scouting Movement.  In 1912, Low formed a Girl Guide troop in Savannah Georgia, and in 1915, the Girl Guides became the Girl Scouts with Low becoming the first president.  She remained active with the Girl Scouts until the time of her death in 1927.  Low’s birthday, October 31, is celebrated by the Girl Scouts as “Founder’s Day.

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