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Police say an 11-year-old Ohio boy got behind the wheel of his parents’ car Sunday night, leading police on a dangerous high-speed pursuit for the second time in the last 13 months.

It started just before 11 p.m. when an officer says he saw a vehicle stopped in the driveway of the former Brooklyn Fire Department, according to police.

The officer turned on his lights and the driver sped away, according to a police report.

Police say the driver turned off his headlights and kept going, hitting speeds as high as 87 mph while veering into opposing traffic lanes.

Around 11:06 dispatch received a call from a man who said he was the boy’s father, according to WJW. The man told police it was his 11-year-old son who had taken his mother’s car.

Officers stopped their pursuit after learning that information, according to a press release.

The boy apparently stole the car because he was angry at his mother for taking away his PlayStation, according to police.

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