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What do The Game, Keyshia Cole, Denzel Washington and Ice-T all have in common? They all once represented thousands of voiceless, innocent Black children in the foster youth system. According to the Department of Children and Family Services, Black children account for eight out of 100 Los Angeles County children, but comprise 28 out of 100 foster children.

For many Black foster children, foster care is their only hope to survive abuse, poverty and homelessness. Although the media often paints a horrifying picture about foster care, it can be the difference between life and death for many Black children. It was for me.

Dying and Abandoned: How My Foster Mother Saved My Life

My biological mom was a poor, abused teenager who was six and a half months pregnant when she gave birth to me. Malnourished and suffering from chronic asthma, that nearly cost me my life, I was left in the hospital because my parents didn’t want me. Weighing one pound and a-quarter, doctors didn’t expect me to live. I was so tiny that I could fit in the palm of a hand.

Ms. Fisher, a nurse working at Loma Linda Hospital, was told that a sick baby girl had been abandoned and was asked if she would care for me. Without giving it a second thought, Ms. Fisher took me into her home and heart, and slowly nursed me back to health. We attended church regularly. I had clean clothes, a nice bed, toys and nutritious meals.

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