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“If your world isn’t diverse you’re missing out on the richness that I Know.”- TobyMac

The Christian Hip-Hop artist was recently a part of Liberty University’s Convocation, where he shared how racism inspired his single “Starts With Me.”

“Something was in my mind that was bothering me.  So, I went back and I looked at what my father taught me, he shared with the audience.  My father taught me some things about race that now that I look at it, they were just wrong.  Some are “tough to swallow.” And I began to think, I want to write a song that’s honest.”

In the song “Stars With Me,” which is part of his recently released eighth studio album, Elements,  TobyMac sings about “a system that has lost our trust,” and the times “when justice just won’t come around.” The song includes the lines “Say I need you and you need me/Father give us eyes to see.”

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