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If you’ve ever sought advice for losing weight, you’ve probably been told to meal prep by everybody from your trainer, your doctor, and maybe even your pastor. And we’re not here to bust any myths. If you want to step your nutrition game up, lose weight, gain weight, or just be consistently healthy, meal prep is king.

This is the case because when you have all your meals figured out, cooked, and packed up for the day ahead, you leave very little room for error in your diet. You’re never unprepared when hunger strikes, and most importantly, you are in total control of your portions, calories, and all those wonderful macros (carbohydrates, fats, and protein).

But what if, for whatever reason, you just can’t prepare a week’s worth of meals? What if you travel for work 5 days out of the week? Or what if you’re on vacation or living that nomad life abroad? Or what if you just can’t wrap your head around cooking for a week even if you are at home and living in your regular routine?

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