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You know that saying that goes, “reach people where they are?” Stellar award-winning gospel singer Deitrick Haddon and Grammy award-winning producer Zaytoven did exactly that in a new music video for “Christmas Prayer,” a track off their forthcoming holiday album due in December. 

“Christmas Prayer” is one of seven songs featured on the collaborative EP titled, Zaytoven & Deitrick Haddon Greatest Gift. Zaytoven, who came up with the idea after being a long-time fan of Deitrick’s style, produced the entire album, while Deitrick penned three songs and lent his voice on all. 

“We wanted to put some hope and love together to reunite families. It was such an incredible process, we finished the record in less than a week,” Zaytoven says. 

This isn’t the first time the two worked together, either. They collaborated on Usher’s recent “A” album and their work ties were further brought to light when Deitrick teased a snippet of “Make Love” last week

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