Trump appears consumed by Mueller investigation as details emerge:

Donald Trump’s behavior isn’t doing much to bolster White House assurances that he’s got nothing to worry about from Robert Mueller’s probe, after a series of potentially ominous turns in the Russia investigation.

The President’s recent barrage of tweets and comments and testimony from sources close to him — coinciding with thickening intrigue around the special counsel — hint instead at deep concern on Trump’s part.

“Heroes will come of this, and it won’t be Mueller and his terrible Gang of Angry Democrats,” Trump tweeted on Tuesday, blasting the special counsel as a “conflicted prosecutor gone rogue.”
Despite this outburst of fury, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders painted a portrait of a President who was serenely awaiting Mueller’s findings.

A mother and her baby found dead outside their cabin after suspected bear attack:

Authorities are investigating the death of a woman and her 10-month-old daughter after they were found dead in a remote area of Canada’s Yukon territory, officials said.

Valerie Theoret, 37, and her daughter Adele Roesholt, were found dead Monday outside their cabin near Einarson Lake, the Yukon Coroner’s Service said.
The woman’s husband said he was charged by a grizzly bear about 100 meters (roughly 328 feet) from the cabin as he returned from trapping in the Einarson Lake area, officials said.
After he was forced to shoot and kill the bear, officials said, he found the bodies of his wife and child just outside the cabin.

Football affects youth brain development after just one season, study says:

Their youthful brains were developing normally, with no signs of developmental, psychological or neurological problems. None had ever had a concussion. But by the end of a single football season, 24 children between the ages of 9 and 18 who had more frequent impacts to the head showed signs of damage to brain development, new research says

“Repetitive head impact exposure may have a cumulative effect in the rapidly developing brains of youth and high school football players,” said study co-author Gowtham Krishnan Murugesan, a radiology research assistant at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, adding that the results mirror other recent findings.

Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith wins Mississippi US Senate runoff amid racial controversies:

Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith will win Mississippi’s US Senate runoff election, CNN projects, in a contest that centered on her actions and comments evoking the state’s dark history of racism and slavery.

Hyde-Smith will defeat Democratic challenger Mike Espy, a former congressman and agriculture secretary, in the last Senate race to be decided in 2018. The victory will make her the first woman ever elected to Congress from Mississippi.
Her win on Tuesday means Republicans will hold 53 seats to Democrats’ 47 seats in the Senate in January. The GOP grew its majority in the Senate by two seats in this year’s midterm elections even as Democrats took control of the House.

Paradise HSBB Teams Play for 1st Time Since California Wildfires:

The Paradise High School girls and boys basketball teams faced Chico High School on Monday night in their first games since the massive Camp Fire in California.

Journalist Molly Knight provided a picture from before tip of the girls contest and noted a sobering statistic about the wildfire damage:

Monday’s games also served as fundraiser for the Paradise High Athletic Program. Bobcats girls head coach Sheila Craft told Stephanie Schmieding of Action News Now that getting back on the basketball court could help provide a much-needed distraction for her team.

“This group of girls is just one big family,” Craft said. “This season is something they’ll have for the rest of their lives. In the devastation, there is a light and there’s something for us to look forward to.”

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