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Eggy bread, omelet bread or gypsy toast is more commonly known as French Toast.   Each year on November 28, people across the United States observe National French Toast Day.

Home cooks and professionals alike whip up a few personal favorites when it comes to french toast recipes. The base consists of eggs and milk whisked together. Bread is dipped into the mixture and fried until golden.  Many people also add some sugar, vanilla and cinnamon to the base.

The flavor of French toast can be brightened with a squeeze of a fresh orange or stuffed with sauteed apples and cinnamon.  Make French toast kid friendly by cutting it into sticks that can be dipped into syrup and healthier by adding any fresh fruit for toppings.  Nuts and seeds add crunch to this delicious breakfast fare, and don’t forget the whipped cream! Just a dollop goes a long way.


Cook up some french toast to enjoy and use #NationalFrenchToastDay to post on social media.

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