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There are two words and two words only that you should never mention to new parents. No, I’m not talking about “poop explosion”, I’m talking about something a lot more catastrophic: I’m talking about “Baby Shark”.

“Baby Shark” started off as an innocent enough jingle before becoming one of the biggest viral phenomena of all time.

Children all over the world adore the Baby Shark song and parents can now be divided in two types: those who enjoy singing along to it with their little cherubs and those who would rather stab themselves with a fork than play that song even just one more time.

What is the Baby Shark song?

“Baby Shark”, as we know it, was created by Pinkfong, a Korean startup that creates video content for children, with more than 10 million subscribers on YouTube alone.

The channel produces a number of sing-alongs and dances for children, in a series of educational videos to help children learn with cartoon Pinkfong, a prince from the planet Staria.

The Baby Shark song was first released by Pinkfong in November 2015 and became a viral hit over summer last year – first over southeast Asia, and then throughout the world, including New Zealand.

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