The winter season means different things for different people. But one consistent commonality is the sense of giving, which has all but defined the spirit of those holidays sprinkled across the months surrounding the new year.

And while giving is many times associated with money, there are also ways to donate without reaching too deep into your pockets, or at all. Luckily, generosity and philanthropy know no price tag — the mission behind both, especially during the holidays, is to simply help to provide for those in need, while hopefully raising awareness behind a particular cause.’

If that sounds like something for you, keep reading to find 10 ways you can give back to those less fortunate than you, both during the holidays season as well as all year round.

1) Help the homeless: There is no shortage of ways to help the homeless, either locally or around the country. But the Coalition for the Homeless, “the nation’s oldest advocacy and direct service organization helping homeless men, women and children, has set up a webpage to collect any monetary donations you can spare.

2) Feed the hungry: Food kitchens gladly accept any and all donations of food, but the process has been streamlined to accommodate those in the age of the internet so that everybody can give back. Feeding America is one organization accepting online donations to help “feed America’s hungry through a nationwide network of member food banks and engage our country in the fight to end hunger.” People can donate by clicking here.

3) Donate clothing: With much of the country going cold during the winter months, clothing is something everybody of all ages can use for the holidays and beyond. From giving a coat to giving other clothing, the internet can be your friend and help you find other places to give your old apparel.

4) Give money to children: With the holidays being such a magical time for children, in particular, giving to a charity that supports the youth is the way to go. The Spruce put together this handy guide of places readily accepting donations for children.

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