via BlackAmericaWeb/photo TMZ:

Something went down with Mel B that resulted in her suffering injuries serious enough to have her hospitalized in London, but she won’t reveal what happened.

As you can see in her Instagram snap below, along with wearing a blue hoodie with the word “Love,” Mel is is seen staring at the camera as she holds up her right hand, which is bandaged in purple foam and held in a sling around her neck.

As far as her injuries, she has two broken ribs and a severed right hand. In her IG misssive she also he thanked both the hospital staff and her fans for their support as she heals.

“Thank you to all the wonderful nurses [doctors] and my amazing surgeon for the care and expertise given to me here at the hospital I’ve been staying at, suffering 2 broken ribs a severed right hand,” Mel wrote. “[From] needing [emergency] care, to having had to have over a 3 [hour] surgery to repair the damage hence the purple sling.”

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