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Our forever first lady Michelle Obama is the latest celebrity to take part in the CBS “Note To Self” series.

In an emotional letter, Mrs. Obama recalls the final lesson her father taught her before he died.

“Your father’s final lesson will come far too soon. He’ll teach you that life is fleeting. So laugh with him until your side hurts. Savor the grip of his hugs, the softness in his eyes. A day will come when those memories are all you’ll have,” she shared. “His absence will hit you like a rock. It’ll cause you to rethink everything about yourself and your future. But don’t worry, you won’t have to go through any of this alone.”

Mrs. Obama then tells her younger self, not to worry, she’ll open her heart to a guy who will one day become President of the United States of America

You’ll open your heart to someone whose upbringing was nothing and everything like yours, all at the same time. He’s driven by a hopeful set of ideals. He’s grounded and kind and absolutely brilliant. And he’s pretty good looking, too. I thought you’d appreciate that,” she said. “His certainty about his path will feel like a challenge to yours. You’ll learn that even the best relationships take work but that’s okay, that’s normal and it’s what gives your partnership its strength.”

She then reflects on their history making Presidency.

Your family will make history, breaking barriers and filling out a more complete picture of the American story. You’ll meet two popes and the Queen of England. People will fill stadiums to hear you speak.

It will be easy to think you’re something special. Just remember that there are millions of people who grew up like you did and don’t get this kind of spotlight. Reflect the light back on them.

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