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Christian singer Jamie Grace is known for her stunning vocals and upbeat personality, with the 27-year-old performer routinely uplifting her peers with inspirational YouTube videos and chart-topping hits. But life hasn’t always been simple and care-free for “The Happy Song” singer; Grace has bravely faced some uphill challenges.

During a recent episode of’s “Pure Talk” Grace candidly shared her journey into music — and her quest to overcome intense personal struggles, including her battle with Tourette syndrome.

“When I was 11 I was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome, [obsessive-compulsive disorder], [attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder] and anxiety,” she said. “And I was like, ‘this is a lot of things to deal with, this is a lot of stuff on my plate.’”

The singer said that she found herself facing “insane depression” as she coped with these life-altering challenges — a depression that left her deeply impacted.

“I had moments of being suicidal and I had moments of just feeling lost and just wanting to be finished and done,” Grace said. “I had a kind of a mindset that I needed to get through my pain to experience joy — that I needed to get through the tunnel to see the light at the other end.”

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