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via joy105/6abcnews:

A mother of four has been given a second chance thanks to a pioneering new procedure and an unexpected gift from a fellow church member.

After a family hike, Carole Motycka developed shoulder pain. Doctors determined it was actually a symptom of cancer that started in her colon but spread to her liver.

Surgery and chemotherapy stopped the colon cancer, but the liver cancer remained.

Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic are having better success treating liver cancer with liver transplants.

After Carole’s pastor put a note in the church bulletin seeking a donor Jason Stechschulte felt compelled to help.

“It was like the very second my eyes saw that and started reading it, just had this feeling come over me that this is going to be you, you need to do this,” Stechschulte said.

Carole’s cancer was driven by a genetic mutation, and now her sons are being screened so they can stay ahead of any possible, future diagnoses.


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