Mr. Del brought in 2019 with a new single “On God” off his Black album, featuring Canton Jones and Uncle Reece.

“My 20 year old nephew always says “On God”. He says it so much that I decided it needs to be a song,” shares Mr. Del.

He continues, “You need to understand the power of anything being “On God”. We need to see His power in 2019, like never before. I felt it was my duty to give us a new Kingdom Anthem with my brothers Canton Jones and Uncle Reece.”

Black is available now on select digital outlets.

Black tracklist

1. Blackout

2. On God (feat. Canton Jones & Uncle Reece)

3. Pray It Up (feat. Fro & Murk)

4. Black, Bold, & Beautiful (feat. James Robinson)

5. I Can Feel It

6. Judas

7. Can You Forgive?

8. Miss You (feat. Canton Jones, Urban D., D. McGhee)

9. Somebody Loves Me (feat. Fro)

10. We Are Kings / Queens

11. Shuck & Jive

12. Not Guilty (feat. Kelli)

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