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An upcoming DC Comics series will have a familiar character: Jesus.

The DC Comics imprint DC Vertigo will introduce Christ as a superhero in an upcoming series titled Second Coming, which has Him teaming up with Sun-Man. The first issue in the series goes on sale March 6, according to

“Witness the return of Jesus Christ, as He is sent on a most holy mission by God to learn what it takes to be the true messiah of mankind by becoming roommates with the world’s favorite savior: the all-powerful super hero Sun-Man, the Last Son of Krispex!” the plot summary from DC Vertigo reads. “But when Christ returns to Earth, he’s shocked to discover what has become of his gospel — and now, he aims to set the record straight.

Second Coming was written by Mark Russell, who previously authored God Is Disappointed In You, which was billed as a condensed version of the Bible.

Russell, who grew up in church and went to Christian schools, told he believes Jesus has been misrepresented in modern-day congregations

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