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Pastor John Gray confessed his infidelities in his marriage to his congregation. But the media is making it into a scandal. This comes after the news of him buying his wife a Lamborghini which caused some folks to become up in arms about the purchase. Pastor John Gray say’s that he is a successful author as well as his television endeavors, so he can afford to buy his wife whatever he likes.

It appears that the Pastor has been transparent about his indiscretions as well as what others perceive as indiscretions.

It also looks like his confessions came before outsiders revelations (the confession to his congregation was made back in June??)

So if he told it, is it really a scandal? If the flock isn’t moving should you? Better yet if his wife say’s she’s in it for better of worse, why are people coming for him?

Would you continue to follow and support your Pastor if they were caught in a similar scandal?  If so why?

Check out Pastor John Gray’s confession below then let us know your comments.

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