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Forget about a run-of-the-mill box of chocolates. These are the treats worth swooning over.

Swedish Fish Hearts

Don’t have a date this Valentine’s Day? Swedish Fish is here to remind you that there are plenty of fish in the sea—just not in this holiday bag. The classic candies get swapped out for little, chewy hearts.

Valentine’s Day Fruit Snacks

The classic gummies you know and love get a 2019 update in the form of heart emoji-shaped fruit snacks! Even better? The individual pouches come with “To:/From:” labels so you can really make your Valentine’s Day. Who doesn’t love a throwback in the form of a revamped beloved snack?

Starburst Valentine’s Day Heart-Shaped Jelly Beans

“Each of these classic candies is like Cupid’s arrow to the tongue of anyone they come into contact with,” Starburst promises when it comes to these new, adorable jellybeans. The strawberry- and cherry-flavored bites are sure to be a Valentine’s Day hit.

Lava Cake Hershey’s Kisses

Hershey’s is describing the new treat as “the perfect indulgent treat for your partner, best friend, and even yourself! Featuring a smooth melted cocoa center surrounded by a decadent dark chocolate plume, each bite tastes like this season’s most popular dessert,” you know, kind of like an actual lava cake. The bag itself straight-up just calls the Kisses “dark chocolate with a gooey chocolate center.

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