Integrity Music and Tyscot Records announce the January 25 release of the much-anticipated album The Gathering from Stellar Award winning, Dove Award nominated worship artist Casey J along with the immediate release of the album’s title track to digital platforms.

The new song follows The Gathering‘s debut single and Casey J’s current Gospel radio hit, “If God”, and her 2015 album debut, The Truth, and breakout song “Fill Me Up”, which has over 25 million combined streams.

An Atlanta, Georgia-based worship leader and former elementary school teacher, Casey J (Hobbs) grew up in a house filled with God’s Word, watching as her grandmother hosted Bible studies and home church groups. That mantle for sharing the Gospel outside of traditional church settings now rests on Casey who began holding “pop up worship” events in public places. With vulnerability and joy, she shares Jesus through song, inviting others to join her in worship, no matter the location.

Q: Casey, thank you for doing this interview with us. Congratulations on the release of your new album. What was in your heart while making this album?

How do you wish this record would impact the lives of your listeners? I think the heart of the record is scripturally rooted in Acts 4:31 “After they had prayed, the place where they were GATHERED together became shaken. They were filled with the Holy Spirit and walked away speaking the Word of God with boldness…”

Although I was born and raised (and am still being raised.. LOL) in the local church, I have been graced to experience worship in a number of unique and special environments. I have seen God move in huge mega churches and small coffee shops. I have seen Him speak to “spiritual veterans” and watched as He softened the heart of a new believer for the very first time.

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