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via praisebaltimore:

The government shutdown continues and workers are struggling to make ends meet. Pastor Jamal Bryant and New Birth Missionary Baptist Church wanted to help several of the federal workers from their congregation during this time.

According to the Christian Post the church helped 28 workers and was able to give them $300 each.

During a Facebook Live, Bryant said, “This has been the longest period in our nation’s history of the government being closed. Last Sunday, we blessed the furloughed workers of New Birth and impromptu we raised an offering for 28 of them and gave all of them $300 apiece – a small drop in the bucket. Our prayers are overwhelmingly sacrificing their time, their energy and their intellect and are not receiving any compensation.”

Several “essential” employees are expected to still come in without a paycheck. Bryant recalls having an idea on how to help these workers and is developing another plan to get them groceries by working with supermarkets in Atlanta.

Bryant said, “This week we are moving tirelessly with the area supermarkets in Atlanta, that they will provide for us grocery stipends, for those who are being furloughed so that their families and their children, dependent parents, might still be able to eat.”

At a time like this Bryant believes churches need to get involved to help out. When he asked members to reach in their pockets to help he didn’t know what was going to happen.

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