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Stellar Award-winning gospel recording artist and pastor, Tye Tribett, may be quite confident now, but it wasn’t always that way.

In a transparent social media post, the pastor of Live Church Orlando said he was “always laughed at, always teased, and bullied,” leading to low self-esteem.

The “Stand Out” songwriter, who just turned 43, shared a throwback photograph of himself during an awkward phase, describing the psychological and emotional anguish he endured as the “punchline of all the ‘cool kids’’ jokes.”

According to Tribbett, he was teased for not being able to close his mouth due to having big teeth, as well as his complexion. He was often told by other children that he was too dark-skinned. Some of the offensive nicknames attached to him as a child were: darkie, blacky, buck tooth beaver, bug’s bunny, ugly duckling, ugly bunny, and black attack.

“You name it, they said it,” Tribbett remembered, revealing his bullies’ heartless mocking and name-calling.

“People will always have things to say—true or false! But thank God it’ll never change how the One who matters views you!”

— Tye Tribbett

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