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via EEWMagazine/Rebecca Johnson:

Dan Gasby has a wife and a girlfriend, and he’s steaming mad at the Church (and others outside the church) for condemning it.

His 69-year-old spouse, former model and restaurateur, B. Smith, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2013. Gasby, who is her primary caretaker, feels justified in having another woman taking care of him on the side.

The couple has been married 26 years.

Any person of faith that has condemned him, according to Gasby, is a “religious Neanderthal,” that acts “as if Jesus was a ball, and God is a bat, swinging wildly, and judging harshly.”

The criticism the 64-year-old cheating husband is railing against, first started in December 2018 when he publicly introduced his new sweetheart, Alex Lerner, 53, on Facebook. The blond-haired mistress, who sometimes helps care for B. Smith, caused a major dustup. Things got even worse after Gasby was featured in a new Washington Post video showing off their strange living arrangement.

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